About Jonathan Jay Levine



My story is one of my magic and why i need to bring it to the world. 

When I realized my own magic, I longed to share it with the world.

I make art because I have to. I make magic wands because the world needs them. 

I will remind you that your magic is within reach and is not for the chosen few. Magic to me is a creative force that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, the mundane into the magical. It is not just a possibility, it is your birthright!

The magic wands have individual presences of their own. They have a fantastic air about them, as if they are leftovers from a world that no longer exists, or a world that we have lost contact with. I feel that they physically and spiritually represent a place outside of ordinary time and space that the you are invited to experience. Come journey into the deep dark heart of the forest and meet yourself.

I invite you to sense their otherworldly aspects of spirit, magic and memory.

By revealing my own magic, I invite you to bring forward your own magic. Yes you have your own magic. It's not as far away as the pages in your favorite children's story. You know the one, where a child rummages through the attic looking for a beloved toy and finds a mysterious chest. And what lies inside the chest? Magic of course! I want to remind you of that time and how it felt. That incredible feeling that anything is possible. Remember that magic. Remember that world.