Artist's Statement



Art made of, about and for the Earth and our spiritual connection to it has been integral to humanity since art-making first began. I find solace, teaching and identity in the natural and supernatural worlds, and I feel that it is my responsibility to share this experience with others through my art. 

My art is created with the sacred intention of awakening the participant’s intuitive and spiritual perceptions by showing their connection to the spirit world around them. My desire is that the viewer will feel that they have glimpsed realms beyond their ordinary consciousness and experienced an activation or transformation as a result.

I combine man-made materials with elements found in the natural world to create sacred objects that simulate a place, experience, being or memory. I create tools to foster people’s magical and spiritual embodiment. Comprised of natural elements such as branches, stones, or driftwood, the artworks are combined with string, twine, or thread, and coated with layers of paint and ink. Through collaborating with the already perfect form of the rock or tree branch, its use and function become transformed to a ritual tool or ancestral artifact.

My art is the product of my inner healer, muse or great ancestor guiding my hand and speaking through me in the process of my art making. The artwork is my inner world brought to my outside experience. 

I am interested in challenging people to the discovery and realization of what life means to them. I offer individuals a metaphorical magnifying glass, telescope or flashlight, so that they may consider what lies beyond form. A deeper layer than the five senses is thus encountered of raw, primordial connection: to the Earth, to the great web of existence and to the Great Mystery.