Jonathan Levine makes art because he has to. Creativity emanates from him like an inspiring beacon of light, making those around him realize the value in art making. Born in Los Angeles in 1967 Jonathan has been making art since he could write. Beginning with sketchbooks kept as a child, a foundation was laid at an early age for expressing himself creatively. Since moving to San Francisco in the early 1990’s to attend the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA, 1996), he has experimented with many mediums from pen and ink, to photography, to watercolor, to sculpture and installations using found materials. His uncanny ability to make art out of nearly anything is one of his strongest attributes. Jonathan's favorite pastime is to transform natural materials that he finds on the ground into magic wands. This process was a large piece of Jonathan's creative evolution which occurred while studying Transformative Art at John F. Kennedy University (MA, 2011), where his art making path and his spiritual path converged. Jonathan has worked as an altar builder for the Spiral Dance in San Francisco where his themes of magic, alchemy, interconnectedness, and collaboration are realized. Jonathan has exhibited at salons and galleries in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with his magic wands selling in California and Europe.