She Returns


She burns
She burns bright
From the sleepy
Void of night

From the darkened
Times of old
When the Earth 
Was burning cold

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A Pigment of Your Imagination

From the horizons of my mind to the shores of your consciousness, 

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Ouroboros: The Return to the Beginning

A Meta-Mythic Biography of the Earth Across Time, Space and Imagination



The Evolutionary Saga so far:

But it was there, in the silence of her mind that it was all very clear. The ray was not going in, but going out. They knew it but needed to wait until he was ready, he was old enough, wise enough, streetwise and mature to understand.

In circle they stood around praying, chanting, humming as the moon floated higher in the sky. The same moon that someday he would see when he was old enough. He would remember just as she had in her own story, her own development. But in the earlier times, the days long ago, it was not safe to tell of the deep starlight within. They all could feel it, but few understood what it was, what to do with it or even where it came from and why it existed. The grandfathers of the grandfathers who came to them passed on the information that needed to be known, that would awaken the ones who would come later.

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Perceivers of the Projected

As I look out at the world, the beautiful sunset dissipating into the horizon, I wonder. If this beautiful scene, translated by my mind is really what other people are witnessing? What elaborate story are their minds concocting as their imaginations orchestrate a tiny orange blob of stellar firelight sinking into the darkness of their mental ethers? 

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Why I Was Born

Every year at this time I get so excited about the impending date of the anniversary of my birth- into human form (again), not into spirit- as far as I know. But how can I know this? I could be (put pinky to lips) MILLIONS of years old. 
Since my birthday is nearly at hand, arriving at 12:30 in the afternoon, I am feeling deeply into the that moment of conception, seeing the world at that time, feeling it more so, from every possible sensory perspective. 
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Shimmering rose

Star squeeze
Moons explode
Handle gently
Stellar robe
Sky opens
Grounding swells
Ecstatic dripping
Lunar bells
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Ode to Absurdity

There lived a small boy

Who bathed in hot tea


He loved it so much It made him go pee

He lived there forever In this tub of yellow

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We burn together
O' together 
We burn together

We burn together 
O' together 
Shedding skins
Personal plights

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From the edge
Of emergence and memory
Straddling beliefs
Of chaos and sanctity

She uncoils
Ready and braving
Serpentine imagination
A universe of caving

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We Remember

Climbing in
Diving dry
Deep expanses
Endless sky

Watchers hold
The woven map
Worlds wake
From epoch's nap

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