Projectors of the Perceived

More than being humans having a spiritual experience, as the olde adage goes, could i that we are illuminators of mind driven programs, co-participating in an agreed "operating system", role playing parts that intricately weave and merge into one another's realities, or, "Projectors of the Perceived".

Such is waking life, where we co-facilitate this "screen"play of movement, thought and interplay. We dance the forces of divinity the best we can on this multifaceted, multilayered, multi-sensory cosmic stage.

Multidimensional mayhem Batman!

As we open more and more to the mysteries that beckon to us, we become vehicles for spirit to speak through us as Agents of Transformation, if we choose to be.

I believe this openness permits God to speak through us as Magical Instrumentations of Divine Orchestration.

And because of that willingness portals open, things are born, and the voice of the marvelous is given structure.

Life breathes us forth from the void to dance us as whirling wonder makers in the dervishness of the extraordinary.

Let's dance the magic together!


*Artist of above image unknown