New Year's Prayer for 2015

Standing at the threshold, straddling two worlds in time. 2014 and 2015. Teetering on the edge of change, at the juncture between past and present.

Who I am in this moment I will no longer be on the morrow. As the moon traverses its elliptical journey around this bountiful blue marvel.

As the world awakens from the dream-filled revels of yesteryear, may you awaken from the deep sleep of forgetfulness. Remembering why you are here. Remembering why you chose to incarnate again. Remembering why you chose the body, the place, the family that you did. Remembering that you were born to know peace at a time when it was beginning to be forgotten. Remembering that you committed to seeking love in a world where that would be questioned. Remembering your gifts and your magic that you decided to bring forth.

May you find the answers within that you have searched lifetimes for.

May this shift in time and space bring you the awakening that you dreamed from the far darkness of eternity's heart beat. Your true home where one day you shall return, the womb of God.