In Samsara We Trust

So here's the thing. We may have future lives to come back to and do it all over again. Make repairs for varied actions and reactions and what not.

But why wait.

As you are now, you'll never be that same person again. As you see and think, feel and breathe- all the ways that you alone perceive the world. All the ways that you yourself are in your body in this world. You will never have the same body again, that marvelous and miraculous arrangement of cells, organs, bones, senses suspended in a magnificent mystical marriage of mind and matter; the complex and divinely orchestrated you. The house that holds your timeless deathless spirit, like a songbird in its cage.

Sure you'll be back again, but in what condition? What capacity? What will be your degree of wholeness? Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. You'll be you as far as soul, but are you considering what your integrated state of overall being will be?

It will not be-- cannot be, the same body-mind-spirit collaboration as it exists now. That is impossible since the soul will be existing in another body (with all of it's perfections and imperfections) like it or not, and another environment (with it's own particular genus loci and inter-relational dramas, familial and societal). Different perspectives altogether.

Perhaps there is a way to be more conscious with this time now so we don't need to return to the same game with the same players and the same outcomes. Theoretically, we are making progress with each round, understanding the players, understanding ourselves, and understanding the forces that keep it all together.

Sure it will be different faces, places or time periods, but until the players see the game for what it is, and the parts they each are playing, the rules of the game will be the same because the game will still exist.

Could this mean that if you get it-- you know you are playing along, and you understand why it is being played, you will be out the next round? Or the next? How many rounds need to be played before the finish line can be reached?

The question that begs to be asked is are you aware of this game being played through you? The divine game. Are you playing for IT or for you?
Are you in control of it, or is it in control of you? Do the events dancing around you honor you and your willing participation? Or are they just a series of occurrences that you ride upon until the gas putters out or the bronco bucks you off? Are you riding this cosmic pachyderm, or is it riding you?

Dinner with friends; driving to the movie; going to the gym, sitting at work; talking on the phone; emailing, meditation, reading, dancing, loving, making art?

Are you orchestrating or participating? Let alone the challenging times... How do you find you act in the instances when the body is fueled by emotion and the mind is clouded? Like the eruption of an argument? Does it suck you in like a vortex? Can you see it as such without engaging?

Are you just playing along in this agreed game of life until bedtime when the “I” shuts off and the holy realm of the dreamtime rescues you?

How long will you play along? Consciously or not. How many lifetimes do we need to live before we attain realization/ absorption/ re-integration?

I would guess that it will take as long as it needs to for evolution's sake. Aye there's the rub!


Do you think that individual evolution occurs on its own timeline or do we have a say? It is after all our own lives is it not?