2013 New Years Blessing

A New Years Blessing to you
by Jonathan Jay Levine
January 1, 2013

Welcome blessed one to the luminous emergence of your eternal breath upon the world. 

You are a blinding glory that has come from the farthest reaches of eternity to make manifest the burning brilliance of starlight. 

As you shine upon this blue star may you remember all the glory that you knew upon your birth. 

May you see why you are here and what you have come to learn and to teach. 

May you remember the decision to separate and condense into the radiant diamond that now shines back into eternity.

May you see that each moment is a creation of your cosmic radiance.

You alone have all the power to shape your existence. YOU are the maker. It is not outside of you. 

Every person, place, state of being and experience is an opportunity to know yourself and why you exist. 

Lessons seeded at your birth to unveil your gifts to the world. 

Miracles lie in wait for your magic to be realized.

Gaze deeply into the mirror so that you may see the magnificence of creation. 

Through the reflection of the world may you know yourself.