Paradise or Purgatory?

Gods and men will walk together upon the earth when Eden returns.

But is that not now? There has always been paradise. There has always been purgatory. I believe that heaven and hell are not places external to the body, but are ways of perception based on an inner radar, an inner-navigation system.

This is growing so clear to me now because I am realizing that my set-point is one of joy. So when I experience anything else, I look within and notice what is causing the disharmony or imbalance. Whether it be someone else's story, or my own emotional incoherence/instability.

All of the "what I think" should happen, or what I believe my responses "should be", based on years, decades, lifetimes of programmed responses.

There is really so much to look at. So much to consider. The inner and outer workings of the human body, it's organs, nervous system, neurobiology., etc. so much I am learning about. These existentially overtly complex organisms of absorption and survival that we are, do we even know how we work? Inner or outer?

Is what is going on Internally a reflection of what is going on outside the body? Am I contributing to the dramas happening around me? If so, how? Are my thoughts, words, or actions positive or negative?

In the times when I feel sad or lonely or angry or vindictive, do I notice that my world reflects my feelings?

I am working on it.

Similarly, the times when I feel joyful, loving, gracious and trusting, do I see how my world reflects those states?

Working on that too.

I am choosing not to get swept away in unconscious, reactive, thoughts and actions. Instead, I am choosing joy. And more and more it is becoming my "reality", my perceived world.

What is the world that you choose?

Every moment is a chance to live your perfected dream. Your truth and yours alone, not somebody else's.