We Remember

Climbing in
Diving dry
Deep expanses
Endless sky

Watchers hold
The woven map
Worlds wake
From epoch's nap

Eyes doth peer
To realms across
Moats of fear
Drenched in dross

While threads illumine
Faces shine
Moonrise season
Sparks divine

Risen truth
In waking mind
Become and claim
The Light in kind

Sovereignty and
Grace recall
Shatter break
Thy blinding wall

Emanate and
Glimmer now
Through eyes and vein
Through head and brow

By dance of Light
On edge of soul
Guided will
On river whole

By blood of faith
Remember stream
Of soul of blood
Beyond the dream

Written in us
Book of olde
Time and space
As yet untold

Blinding binding
White like death
Every moment 
Healed breath