Perceivers of the Projected

As I look out at the world, the beautiful sunset dissipating into the horizon, I wonder. If this beautiful scene, translated by my mind is really what other people are witnessing? What elaborate story are their minds concocting as their imaginations orchestrate a tiny orange blob of stellar firelight sinking into the darkness of their mental ethers? 

Sinking blobs of orange what? Did Salvador Dali and Claude Monet reincarnate in the 21st century as quantum physicists? Yes they did and I am them.

Ok but really, what if we are our own individual yet imagined cinematic projection booths? I like it. That would make so much sense. Considering anyone could even understand what that even means to begin with.

Hmm, I feel something brewing with that Dalí-Monet Orange Blob...

Watching the sunset- what a gift to life. To be able to witness it. And the feelings of awe and wonderment that go with the experience. How is that different from, say, a program running on a computatrical (that's computer + theatrical) device? Or a frame of a movie (Are there still individual frames post-celluloid?). Or for that matter, what I grew up with, 35mm negatives that I would print in the darkroom and the next thing you know, you are (I was) staring in amazement as an image came into creation. Developing right before my very eyes...

As Mr Serling would say, "Imagine if you will..." the feeling of the sun and the ocean and the clouds and the air. The sounds of the birds and the people and the wind rushing and the waves crashing. The light from the sun and the voids seen and unseen in space translating as sky and stars and blue and darkness.

It's an intricately designed, sculpted and imagined scene by scene that just seems so real. Because it is- to us, the perceivers. Right? Well what if it wasn't just accepted as what is, but we were given the options of filtering what we see? Like, say, a red filter on a camera lens will turn everything red. Unless it's black and white film, then... Well you get the picture- pun intended. My point is what we see and how we see it depends on our own instrumentation, physically, emotionally, psychically, mentally. Our own individual operating systems. But then what happens when your OS, your version of reality intersects with mine? Your peanut butter got in my chocolate! Well your chocolate got in my peanut butter!

What is the combined effect of realities criss-crossing along the ever expanding void of cosmic space-time? Life agreed, or life orchestrated? But who, pray tell, is the maker?

Seriously, how many of the day by day goings on are even realized by those caught in the production?

Does our belief in the reality that we perceive come from our vision, our intention or ancestral / genetic / biological / neurological make-up? Or all of the above?

But one person's reality is not the same as another's. In other words, the beliefs I have that orchestrate the world that I call my reality is most likely not the same system as someone else's. In fact, I don't see how it can be. Perhaps we can agree on the color of air or the sound of chocolate. In our imaginations at least. But is that really any different from the worlds of perception that what we perceive as "reality"?

We can agree on the color blue, the texture of sand, the smell of basil. But since we are all different creations, creatively creating our beliefs into manifestation, wouldn't that make us magical instruments of divine orchestration? Comprising moment by moment the realities that we act out? Line by line, scene by scene, day by day, breath by breath? 

Like a Shakespearian reality show where we are all stars. The True Man Show. The True Woman Show. Acted by none other than you and I and them and we. Seamlessly fitting together somehow moment by moment like a holographic puzzle projected onto, into and out of each one of us. An arrangement so incredibly complex that the mind just melts into agreement. Until the point that the mind awakens beyond the confines of the game. Welcome to the Jenga, where the singularity is the entryway into direct communion, or perhaps the HTML programming of Maya and Lila. The veil between the worlds is a curtain of dreaming awake our imaginations as a field of manifested consciousness. If we are what we see, what we think, what we perceive, than maybe we are also what we project. Into the time and space and dimensions that are the movie screens of our realities. 


What we project as living movie cameras become the quantumly mechanistic co-creations of magnificence! Marvelous magical matrices of mirrored mind maps. Anthropomorphos evolutionaries ancestrally recreating ourselves from our triple helix DNA strands on the event horizons of our realized codes of re-incarnation.

Perceivers of the projected.