Unveiler of the Dream

Laying dreaming 
Silent screaming 
Attentions in the sky
Ask not how
From afar I came
Just know you're here to fly
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Haunted by the Sidhe

Rocking to walking
Sea to stone
Seek no further
Cement trombone
Waves crashing
Silent deaths
Puddles of the disappeared
Right beneath my breath
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Visual syncopation

Stretching its spine 
Across the keyboard
Of tomorrow
Yawning vortexes of 
Shimmer-lit magistration
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Paradise or Purgatory?

Gods and men will walk together upon the earth when Eden returns.

But is that not now? There has always been paradise. There has always been purgatory. I believe that heaven and hell are not places external to the body, but are ways of perception based on an inner radar, an inner-navigation system.

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2013 New Years Blessing

A New Years Blessing to you
by Jonathan Jay Levine
January 1, 2013

Welcome blessed one to the luminous emergence of your eternal breath upon the world. 

You are a blinding glory that has come from the farthest reaches of eternity to make manifest the burning brilliance of starlight. 

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In Samsara We Trust

So here's the thing. We may have future lives to come back to and do it all over again. Make repairs for varied actions and reactions and what not.

But why wait.

As you are now, you'll never be that same person again. As you see and think, feel and breathe- all the ways that you alone perceive the world. All the ways that you yourself are in your body in this world. You will never have the same body again, that marvelous and miraculous arrangement of cells, organs, bones, senses suspended in a magnificent mystical marriage of mind and matter; the complex and divinely orchestrated you. The house that holds your timeless deathless spirit, like a songbird in its cage.

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Inner Compass

Healing to the Hollow Men

Their minds and hearts so tired

Find they may their compasses

Before they do retire

Whereupon remembering

Their path of love and flight

At which time their eyes will see

The glory of the night


Thank you T.S. Eliot

A Prayer for the Goddess

A prayer for the Goddess from Glastonbury, Avalon of olde, Isle of Apples

She is you. She is each one of you who braves the known and unknown alike. She is you who sees in the darkness and is not afraid because it is She who created the night. It is She who wombed the ecstasy of light from that deepest portal, the way in, the way through. That road once opened is now you. Each of you, who brave the known and unknown alike. She is each of you who see in the darkness and is not afraid. And continue to birth worlds of magic and the extraordinary.

May you each Know Yourself as She who Knows, She who Creates. She who Loves.

New Year's Prayer for 2015

Standing at the threshold, straddling two worlds in time. 2014 and 2015. Teetering on the edge of change, at the juncture between past and present.

Who I am in this moment I will no longer be on the morrow. As the moon traverses its elliptical journey around this bountiful blue marvel.

As the world awakens from the dream-filled revels of yesteryear, may you awaken from the deep sleep of forgetfulness. Remembering why you are here. Remembering why you chose to incarnate again. Remembering why you chose the body, the place, the family that you did. Remembering that you were born to know peace at a time when it was beginning to be forgotten. Remembering that you committed to seeking love in a world where that would be questioned. Remembering your gifts and your magic that you decided to bring forth.

May you find the answers within that you have searched lifetimes for.

May this shift in time and space bring you the awakening that you dreamed from the far darkness of eternity's heart beat. Your true home where one day you shall return, the womb of God.

Projectors of the Perceived

More than being humans having a spiritual experience, as the olde adage goes, could i that we are illuminators of mind driven programs, co-participating in an agreed "operating system", role playing parts that intricately weave and merge into one another's realities, or, "Projectors of the Perceived".

Such is waking life, where we co-facilitate this "screen"play of movement, thought and interplay. We dance the forces of divinity the best we can on this multifaceted, multilayered, multi-sensory cosmic stage.

Multidimensional mayhem Batman!

As we open more and more to the mysteries that beckon to us, we become vehicles for spirit to speak through us as Agents of Transformation, if we choose to be.

I believe this openness permits God to speak through us as Magical Instrumentations of Divine Orchestration.

And because of that willingness portals open, things are born, and the voice of the marvelous is given structure.

Life breathes us forth from the void to dance us as whirling wonder makers in the dervishness of the extraordinary.

Let's dance the magic together!


*Artist of above image unknown

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